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About Us

WaterFilterExchange.com is the leading online source for Reverse Osmosis Membranes, Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filters and Reverse Osmosis Water Filtering Systems. Reverse Osmosis Purification is the surest way to healthy, clean drinking water and WaterFilterExchange.com does nothing else. Click here if you want to learn more about why more people install Reverse Osmosis Systems than any other sort of home filtration system and to find out how Reverse Osmosis works.

Because we do nothing but Reverse Osmosis Water Filters, Membranes and Systems, WaterFilterExchange.com makes finding the right water filter or membrane as easy as a few clicks.

With more and more affordable replacement home water filters and membranes than anyone else, we can deliver your replacement filter, membrane or a complete Reverse Osmosis system direct to your door. We’ll save you time, money and energy spent looking for the right replacement filter or Reverse Osmosis Membrane for your system.

If you don't find the right filter or Reverse Osmosis Membrane right away just click here and send us an email. Our customer service can locate membranes or filters for almost any system. We bet they can find exactly the filter for your home RO system in just moments and have it delivered to you – for far less than you’re used to paying.